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friday random ten, 1985 edition

the pre saga continues

Today was the first time I took my Pre to the Giants game, which prompts me to offer a few “I’ve had it a week” thoughts. It’s more fragile than I’d like, although Robin doesn’t agree about this. It feels solid until you pull out the keyboard, then it seems a bit flimsy. Works fine, though. The absence of applications is problematic, given that the iPhone has so many. On the other hand, the basic stuff works OK (email, calendar, chat, twitter) and the couple of more-than-basics are nice (Pandora, MLB Mobile). It’s pretty and elegant and makes my old Treo look like a block of cement. Multi-tasking is very useful, although as Apple is quick to point out, it’s a drain on the battery. Basically, the Pre has the usual 1.0 faults, and it is already indispensible to me.

As an example of what it could do, there was a kid sitting in front to me at the game (sanfrandan’s son), and he was keeping score. He and his dad went to get something to eat, and when they came back, the kid wanted to know what had happened so he could enter it into his scorecard. I called up MLB Mobile, went to the play-by-play page for the game we were attending, and told him what he needed to know. Not really a Pre thing as much as it was an MLB Mobile thing, but cool in any event.

There is one thing about “cloud computing,” though. If you don’t have access to the cloud, you don’t have anything at all. I was listening to Pandora on BART, and when we went underground, Pandora disappeared, as well. I just switched to listening to tunes I’d loaded onto the Pre, but it was a reminder that the Cloud isn’t everywhere just yet.