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friday random ten, 1984 edition

Didn’t intend for this first edition after my vacation to be so barebones, but lots has happened this past week as we adjusted to being back, so here ya go: ten songs, with videos, but no comments. Except to note that shuffle play wanted to work Michael Jackson into the mix.

1. Ray Parker, Jr., “Ghostbusters.”

2. Tina Turner, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?

3. Art of Noise, “Close (To the Edit).”

4. The Minutemen, “Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing.”

5. Ashford and Simpson, “Solid.”

6. General Public, “Tenderness.”

7. The Time, “Jungle Love.”

8. Laurie Anderson, “Sharkey’s Day.”

9. The Bangles, “Hero Takes a Fall.”

10. The Pretenders, “Middle of the Road.”

[Edited to add Spotify playlist, and to remove bad links from the above list.]

first pre thoughts

Finally got my Pre working today … well, I exchanged it for one that worked, same thing. It’s already just another thing … I suspect it will take awhile for me to figure out how much it “changes my life.” I like that it has true multi-tasking, like the Pandora app, like the way when you load Google Maps the GPS puts up a map of where you are at that moment, like the way it downloaded stuff from Gmail/Google Calendar/Facebook. In other words, I like it. But I’ve only had it for about eight hours, so this story is to be continued.