what i watched last week


Kings finished off its unheralded run on the weekend, and I didn’t want it to disappear without saying a word or two. It was an odd series that never found an audience (that’s putting it mildly … the premiere got such poor ratings people were predicting its cancellation from the start, and the 6 million viewers that night fell to under 2 million by the finale). Mixing flamboyantly aggressive acting from Ian McShane with a bizarre mixture of alternate contemporary reality and the Biblical story of David, Kings was never going to appeal to a mass audience, but you’d think it would have had some cult success, if nothing else. But that never happened … it wasn’t a sci-fi hit, wasn’t a soap opera hit, wasn’t a religious hit, even though it had elements of all of those and more. It goes without saying that this was an ambitious show, and at times its ambitions extended beyond the show’s good qualities, i.e. it was erratic. My guess is, Kings will garner a second wind when it comes out on disc later in the year … there are only 13 episodes, you can treat it like a mini-series, and while the ending left room for a second season, it also serves quite well as a series finale. The one thing I won’t miss is Christopher Egan as David … in virtually every scene, his face looked like he was suffering from constipation, to such an extent that I couldn’t tell you whether he was doing a good job. Well, if you look like you need to take a dump, you probably aren’t doing a good job. Ian McShane more than made up for it, though. Grade: B+.