the giants, 2009 edition, halfway report
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Some television series grab you from the first episode, while with others, you know before the end of the pilot that you’ll never watch again. (Hello to The Philanthropist. Goodbye, Philanthropist.) Hung lies in that middle ground where enough intriguing elements exist to encourage extended viewing, but you’ll watch knowing that the show could go either way. Hung has two charming performances by Thomas Jane (as the title character) and Jane Adams (as his pimp). After two episodes, it appears to be balancing the audacious nature of its setup (Jane has a big dick and needs money) with just enough sheepish aw-shucks acting to make it seem as if we’re watching a Jimmy Stewart comedy from the 40s. There is room for improvement, but as I said about Nurse Jackie last week, that’s part of the fun of a new series. I’d say Hung has as good a chance of lasting success as Jackie.