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friday random ten, 1987 edition

1. The Cult, “Wild Flower.” We’re getting to the point on the timeline when I start having little to say. I mean, I can barely remember The Cult, and I thought I didn’t remember this song until I played it and realized I knew the riff.

2. Buster Poindexter, “Hot Hot Hot.” It sure did take David Johansen a long time to get this popular.

3. Rosanne Cash, “Tennessee Flat Top Box.” Singing one of her daddy’s songs.

4. Bruce Springsteen, “Brilliant Disguise.” Apparently, there are some people out there who hate this video. They’re full of [insert word for feces].

5. Michael Jackson, “Smooth Criminal.” I like the Alien Ant Farm version, too.

6. Prince, “If I Was Your Girlfriend.” Watch the video quick, because you know Prince will have it removed.

7. Hüsker Dü, “Celebrated Summer.” I know, this wasn’t a 1987 song, but the live album had a 1987 version on it.

8. George Michael, “Faith.” What a good album. Whatever happened to this guy?

9. Guns n’ Roses, “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” I never liked this band, because I can’t stand to listen to Axl’s voice.

10. Eric B. & Rakim, “Eric B. for President.” Guess we’ll have to settle for Obama.

[Edited to add Spotify playlist]