friday random ten, 1982 barebones i'm-in-spain edition
was it my best birthday ever?

pump boys and dinettes

Pump Boys and Dinettes was an off-Broadway musical from 1982. It is the only play I've ever seen in New York. A country-rock revue without much of a plot, it was pretty good, spawning a soundtrack album and a failed pilot for a TV series. To the best of my knowledge, it remains a favorite for small theater companies to perform.

My favorite song from the musical is "No Holds Barred." It's catchy and you can sing along. It also has a special, sadder, meaning to me. One day, probably in 1992, we were driving to visit family and "No Holds Barred" came on the mixtape I'd made for the trip. At the time, the Giants were very close to moving to Florida. When the song started, I sang along with everyone else in the car. But then came the chorus: "No holds barred, baby, I'm goin' to Florida, won't you come along with me?" It just snuck up on me, and the next thing I knew, I was sobbing hysterically.

Here is a video from the Tony awards in '82. The sound doesn't do the music justice, but it's the best I can find. There are three songs ... "No Holds Barred" is the second. For trivia fans, note the female singer with the shorter blond hair. The actress is Debra Monk ... later she played Andy Sipowicz's ex-wife on NYPD Blue, a factoid that never fails to amaze Robin and I.

[Edited to add Spotify playlist]