out at chez panisse for our anniversary dinner
fucking dickheads, homophobic creeps division

happy 36th anniversary to robin


I scare myself just thinking about you

I scare myself when I'm without you

I scare myself the moment that you're gone

I scare myself when I let my thoughts run

And when they're runnin' I keep thinking of you

And when they're runnin' what can I do?

I scare myself and I don't mean lightly

I scare myself it can get frightenin'

I scare myself to think what I could do

I scare myself it's some kinda voodoo

And with that voodoo I keep thinking of you

And with that voodoo what can I do?

But it's oh so, so, so different when we're together

And I'm oh so so much calmer, I feel better

For the stars have crossed our paths forever

And the sooner that you realize it, the better

Then I'll be with you and I won't scare myself

And I'll know what to do and I won't scare myself

And then I'll think of you and I won't scare myself

And then my thoughts'll run and I won't scare myself


Katie of Germany

You know, you don't have to marry that hippie!


Happy Anniversary, you two love birds!! xoxo


I think I'll keep him. :*




Way to go, folks. Kathy & I just had #13 (v. 2.0), #30 (v. 1.0) coming up in August.

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