fucking dickheads, homophobic creeps division
barcelona-manchester united preview

after all, she saved baseball

You know, I get pissed, and I post stuff. I'm not backtracking, but I want to make something clear: I think Judge Sotomayor is a fine choice for Supreme Court Justice, and I applaud President Obama for making that move.

I'm suffering from something akin to survivor's guilt. On a day when I get to celebrate 36 years of marriage, many of my friends find out they aren't allowed to celebrate 36 seconds of marriage. On a day when people are properly celebrating Sotomayor's nomination, I find myself thinking of those friends, and their friends, and all of the gay people of California who would like to be married.

But this shouldn't detract from Sonia Sotomayor.



Can I just say something here.... I love my brother, Steven! There, I said it!

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