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you say pecan, they say pecan, i say pecan, let's call the whole thing off

We're sitting at dinner the other night, and the talk turned to pie, mostly because we were going to be eating some very soon. Two of us were going to eat pecan pie, and after we gabbed about it for a bit, my son called a halt to the discussion and said something to me I'd never heard before: "You can't add a third pronunciation."

I've been saying the word "pecan" the same way for as long as I can remember, which is many decades by now. My son didn't care for the way I said it, though, claiming that there were only two ways to pronounce the word, and that I was trying to invent a third. I wasn't trying anything, I was just saying it as I always did, but looking at various dictionaries, it appears he's right that I'm not pronouncing it "right."

The two "correct" ways to say the word are PEE-cann and puh-CAHN. Well, here's how I say it: PEE-cahn.

So Neal's right, I'm inventing a third way to say the word. Help, I'm drowning! Does anyone else out there say PEE-cahn?