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what would [fill in name of your favorite mentor] do?

OK, most of this is just me being lame. I thought I had jury duty tomorrow, and earlier today I checked to see if they'd posted the instructions, hoping of course that they would tell me I didn't need to show up. When I looked at my paperwork, I realized I was supposed to go today. Well, too late for that. I read the "I fucked up" instructions and called them on the phone as directed. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I got a man who said I could reschedule for tomorrow at 8:30. Since I expected to go then anyway, I said fine.

Something occurred to me later in the day, but I didn't want to sit on hold for another 20 minutes, so I kept my thoughts to myself. I shouldn't have. Just after 5:00, I went online to see what the reporting instructions were:

The following notice is for jurors summoned for 04/22/2009.

No jurors are needed for the 8:30 AM roll call.

Further instructions said to call between 11 and 12 tomorrow to see if you'd be needed.

So, legal experts ... am I supposed to show up tomorrow at 8:30, or not? The guy on the phone didn't say anything other than "we'll reschedule you for 8:30 tomorrow." I was too lazy to call back and ask if I was part of the next day's pool, or in some special "I fucked up" category. And now I know that you don't need to show up for 8:30 roll call if you were summoned for 4/22.

What should I do? I'm leaning towards staying home in the morning and calling at 11:00.



document everything and call at 11 tomorrow. but seriously, document everything. if you know the dude's name, write it down too.


Wow, you're hard core! I'm not very concerned about all of this ... if there's a "punishment," it's to get back in the jury pool, I figure. But yeah, I wish I'd thought to get all of that info at the time.


sorry. used to work with assholes so I'm paranoid about the court system. and jury duty is booooorrrrring.

Steve Hammond

Ignore it and ignore those cars with blue flashing lights surrounding the house using bullhorns shouting "Come out with your hands up!"

Proper response to that is to break out a window and shout "You'll never take me alive coppers!"


your commitment has been fulfilled


I would go. Then, tell the attorneys that you love the death penalty, especially the burnt odor of sizzling flesh, that you're in favor of public stonings, and believe everyone is guilty...period!

You'll be home in less than an hour.


I checked a bit ago, and today's group does not have to serve. So, unless I hear otherwise, I'm assuming I've done my duty for this round.


trust me, if you are messed up you will know. they issued a bench warrant for me back in the day and i faked sick so good that i actually came down with the fake illness

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