friday random ten, 1974 edition
have we finally found an american fanta de limón?

what i watched last week

Bolt. I'm not sure why I keep watching these animated movies. I don't usually hate them, but neither do I care about them one way or another. Finding Nemo is the exception that proves the rule, I guess. 6/10.

Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood's reputation as a director took a giant leap when he won the Oscar for this film ... up to that point, Eastwood, in his 60s, had directed more than a dozen movies while working as an actor for almost 40 years, without ever receiving an Oscar nomination for anything. Like all of his best movies, Eastwood serves the script, lets the actors take care of business, and, in this case, inserts his own iconic presence into the mix. The problem with this kind of directing is that it falters when the script and/or the actors do not take care of business. Eastwood reminds us of the directors of the studio era, doing a workmanlike job and nothing more. Sometimes you get Unforgiven, other times you get Absolute Power. Ultimately, he'll be remembered for the highlights, the low lights will be forgotten, the Oscars for directing will get people's attention, and he'll be just as he is now: a decent director, only as good as his material, who is overrated because sometimes the material is very good. He's Don Siegel with a couple of Oscars. It must be stated, though, that what Eastwood does is harder than he makes it look. As a director, and as an actor, he understands what Harry Callahan says in Magnum Force: a man's got to know his limitations. #209 on the They Shoot Pictures, Don't They list of the Top 1000 films of all time. 7/10.


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