creeping dickheadism
you say pecan, they say pecan, i say pecan, let's call the whole thing off



Nice floors. I'm jealous. Cat makes my throat scratchy. I'm in LA for show #2. You coming down? I'm predicting Kittys Back, Incident, and Paradise by the C. I bet I'm 0 for 3.


Won't be there ... the only time we did a road trip was in 1980. I think you'll get ... Kitty.


can we get like a link for all the house remodel photos on the side bar?


found it!


Yeah, they're in reverse order, but I tag them all with "house."


Looks great!

dining tables

Cat is a very playful pet that is why I love them so much. I think I have 25 cats in our house. I am lucky that my wife loves cats too.

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