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bad citizen

Am I a bad citizen because I don't blame Fox for showing their regular schedule rather than the President's press conference? There were many ways to watch the press conference, or to catch up with it later ... it's not as if showing Lie to Me meant that Americans were denied their opportunity to watch Obama in action.

I'd say more, but I have to go watch Lie to Me ...


You know I'm trying

I must be a bad citizen because I always get bent out of shape if the president pre-empts something I actually want to watch. Guess I’m also evil because I figure I can read whatever he says online or in the paper the next day, or hear it excerpted on the radio... I mean, how often does the president say anything we really need to hear while he’s saying it? And how badly do we really need to hear all of his speech?

Seems to me the only thing anybody actually needs to watch as it’s happening is sports. (Unless it’s the Giants, in which case it’s probably safest not to watch TV at all.)


I watched 5 min. of the conference live, and will leave it up to various bloggers and websites to excerpt anything good I missed on youtube. I find more and more this is the most ideal way to watch this sort of thing.


I didn't watch either. I haven't had a candidate I supported elected since 1974. I don't watch much more besides sports and movies on tv. The balance depresses me. When Obama begins to act like the guy his dog thinks he is instead of a coddling middle of the roader, I'll perk up.


It's the symbolic significance, which matters mainly to the chattering classes. Still, Fox is certainly laying its cards on the table as a GOP house organ. As if it wasn't already clear....

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