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No, there are no download links here ... most of them get taken down anyway, and you can do online searches as well as I can (or you can go old-school like yours truly and head straight to Usenet) ... but I suppose I could say something about the "new" Beatles track, "Revolution 1 (Take 20)." To quote Wikipedia, "'Revolution 1, Take 20' is an officially unreleased version of the song that first surfaced on the bootleg CD 'Revolution Take... Your Knickers Off' in early 2009. The first portion of 'Take 20' is the familiar 'Revolution 1' from the White Album, while the second portion includes segments from 'Revolution 9', also from the White Album. 'Revolution 1, Take 20' is essentially a hybrid of 'Revolution 1' and 'Revolution 9' and not a traditional alternate take of 'Revolution 1'. It clocks in at about 11 minutes."

It's worth a listen for Beatle fans, or at least hardcore Beatle fans. I don't know that it's worth two listens, but then, I always preferred the single version of the song, the one with the loud, gnarly guitars, and they're nowhere to be found on this one. It's mainly interesting as a jumping-off point for discussion/speculation. The most obvious question is whether or not the track is "real," i.e. is this John Lennon at play, or has someone used modern technology to create a mash-up of some sort? It looks like most people are assuming it's John ... the fact that EMI keeps pulling it off the Internet suggests as much.

The other interesting point is that, if it's real, it shows a much clearer path between "Revolution" and "Revolution #9." The latter always seemed to be a completely separate composition, unconnected to the original in anything other than title, but if Take 20 is to be trusted, John was already thinking of ending #1 with a sound collage. So what we think of as #9 is just an extended riff on what used to be the end of #1. And yes, I'm confused, too.