at chevy's with the babes from robin's work
friday random ten, third annual summer of love edition

return of the keyword analysis

I haven't done this for awhile: looking at the search terms that bring people to my blog. I thought to check it out, see if my recent screed about that vitamin company had an effect. Sure enough, "klee irwin" is the #2 search phrase leading folks here over the past week or so. The #1 is "best shows on tv," which is interesting and not so surprising, I suppose. Irwin's impact was actually greater than you'd think at first glance ... #4 on the list was "klee irwin fraud," and "klee irwin scam" was tied for #5.

Longtime readers will remember that there are always a lot of people coming to my blog hoping to find naked celebrities. Among the recent search keywords that attracted visitors are:

kristin proctor (OK, it doesn't say "nude" but we all know what they were looking for)

robin weigert nude

kristin proctor thread

kristin proctor nude

the rapture mimi rogers (if it just said "the rapture" or "mimi rogers" I wouldn't count it, but put them together and my guess is they're interested in Mimi's boobs)

christina hendricks vital stats

christina hendricks vital statistics

kristin proctor video topless

polly walker's tits

henry simmons penis

And finally, for those of you wondering if The Man is still bringing visitors, I give you the following search strings, all of which brought folks to my blog:

milton berle dick, milton berle penis, pictures of milton berle's penis

Some search terms I found particularly interesting:

adebisi hat (this actually tied for #7), barry gifford asa, i was down in savannah eatin cream, vic mackey vs. dexter, anal leakage oily substance, because the usa is a mother fucking piece of shit not, tony peluso guitarist.

One last note ... none of these individually got enough hits to make the top of the list, but combined they tell you what a certain section of the population is wondering about:

piano doesn't sound like all along the watchtower, all along the watchtower galactica, galactica watchtower tab, watchtower battlestar tab, bsg all along the watchtower, watchtower battlestar galactica


Steve Hammond

Are all the Kristin Proctor nude hits from me??

Steven Rubio

Your secret is safe with me.


And you thought it was the pictures of your new bathroom!

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