bathroom pix
at chevy's with the babes from robin's work


An hour or so ago, I sent the following tweet out to all of my beloved Twitter followers:

"Sitting in a waiting room while Robin sees the foot doctor."

I have no idea how to best tell this story ... well, if I had a picture of Robin's face when she realized what had happened, that would work. I've been driving her to work since she broke her leg, and the only thing different about today was that she had a doctor's appointment at 10:00. So the idea was that I'd drop her at the doctor's office, park the car, and meet her in the office. She tells me she's going to a different doctor in a different building, so I drop her off at the new place, asking her how I'll know where she is when I get back. OB-GYN, she says. I drive away ... if I gave it any thought at all, it was something like "I guess Kaiser's cutting back, if they have a doctor or nurse that does leg stuff, they don't move them around but just leave them in their main office." But, to be honest, I didn't think much.

I park, go to the office, sit down, and send the above out via Twitter.

Eventually, Robin comes out, ready to leave. I notice that she still has the boot on her foot/leg ... too bad, I'm thinking, I know she really wants to get rid of that thing. So I call out across the waiting room, "Still got the boot, huh?"

She looks at me kinda funny and says "Yeah, at least until I see another doctor." As we stand in front of the elevator, I ask her why she has to go back so soon. And as I talk, the realization slowly crosses her face as she figures out that I think she went to the gynecologist to look at her broken leg.

So, consider this a retraction from my earlier tweet. I was sitting in a waiting room, but Robin wasn't seeing the foot doctor. And, oh yeah, she's fine.


Steve Hammond

Tell Robin, my first thought was that at least you realized it was a doctor for below her waist, so you were only about 20 inches off!


This made me laugh even harder than the tweets.

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