the 2009 rubio begonias
another fifteen minutes, mog edition (bruce content)

my fifteen minutes story, césar chávez edition

It was a banquet ... I want to say it was for my father-in-law's retirement, but that couldn't be it, so maybe it was for some Lesher charity thing. Anyway, the dinner seating was planned in advance, and for whatever reason, I was assigned a seat next to César Chávez, who was attending. Maybe they thought my Spanish would be useful, I don't know.

I wish there was more to this story ... maybe I should say my five minutes of fame, rather than fifteen. Someone came to their senses, the great man was moved to a more important table, and I ended up sitting next to ... Dan Boatwright, I think, a state senator. Which helps me remember more ... this must have been a dinner for Jerry Waldie, a long-time U.S. Representative who grew up with my dad and who later was great friends with Robin's family. Heck, let's set that clock back to fifteen minutes. Unless I have the story all wrong. (The part about César Chávez is true, even if I've gotten all the other details wrong.)



This made me laugh out loud.


You inspired me, with your many excellent posts on Chávez!

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