happy birthday david
the no. 1 ladies' detective agency

i'll take potpourri for $100, alex

I knew I'd heard this before. Facebook 2009 = Windows Vista 2007. Same group of people crying waa waa waa because something changed.

Once long ago I spent a week or so visiting friends. There was this other guy there ... didn't know him, can't recall his name ... he was an amiable sort, I have no idea why he was staying there. Anyway, every time someone had to go somewhere ... the store or whatever ... he would perk up and announce, "I think I'll go along for the ride." He didn't have anywhere to go ... he just liked to be with everyone else when they went there. Our cat Six reminds me of that guy. It's an offshoot of her case of feline ADD ... anytime someone in the same room gets up and goes somewhere else, she perks up and follows them into the next room. She doesn't do this for her fellow cats, and she doesn't like to go outside. But inside the house, she epitomizes the old saw about curiosity and the cat (although it hasn't killed her yet).

Last night, my 31-year-old daughter participated in her first-ever fantasy baseball draft. She beat me by a few years ... I was 33 when I did my first one.