what i watched last week
the first bath

bathroom update

I can't walk on the floor at the moment ... still has to dry out ... so these are all taken from variations on the same angle. It's probable that we'll be able to use the bathtub and shower tonight. There are a couple of trim details to take care of. And the sink isn't installed yet. Here goes ...

Here's the new corner toilet ... no sitting until tomorrow, although it's OK for standing and peeing. You can see the tiled floor ... it's much shinier in real life, and there are lots of diamond-like thingies in the tiles that don't show up well in this picture. But you get the idea. And the floor has a heater underneath (not hooked up yet, I don't think).

toilet floor

Here is the walk-in shower. The floor in there is heated, as well.


Next, the bath tub:

bathtub done

And finally, a picture of both bathing areas:

tub shower