friday random ten, third annual summer of love edition
happy birthday, chris!

ballad of a remodel

For those of you looking for a house update:

Earlier this evening, I changed my Facebook status to "Steven awaits carnitas and Galactica." After I had partaken of both, I thought to change my status again, and, since I am by now completely obsessed with the BSG/Watchtower thing, I changed my status to reflect a line from tonight's episode: "Steven says there's too much confusion."

Paul, who is in charge of our remodel, doesn't know squat about Battlestar Galactica. But he is a singer and guitar player, and he knows pretty much every song of the 60s and 70s. He also has a Facebook account. When he saw my new status, he wrote the following on my wall (the various names are of the crew who have done the work):

Steven say "there's too much confusion".....

and soon we'll bring some relief,

tile man he, grout my walls....Jason cut the wood,

Michael puts level on the line...... Paul say "Rich that looks good,

hey......all along the remodel, Robin set the view,

while all the kitties came and went, Melvin and Douglas too....

downstairs is a cold existence.. space heaters warmed the air....

the end is soon approachin'...when we can run around bare............

paulie hendrix


Katie of Germany

OK, I think he's got a hit!


Here we have a full service contractor. Excellent!

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