friday random ten, 1964 edition
what i watched last week

what remodeling is like

Our bedroom is mostly empty ... it's been demolished and dry walled, all the furniture is strewn around the rest of the house. In the middle of the otherwise bare room is a toilet, which came from the bathroom, which is in disarray and unusable. The bed has been moved to the basement, which is where we now sleep. We're in the middle of a lengthy storm which brings much-needed water but which is also starting to flood the basement. Where we are sleeping. Meanwhile, the scrawny three-legged cat is outside somewhere in the rain and cold, because the doors get left open during the day and she escapes.



I am impressed again by your equanimity in the face of such calamity. I'm facing three days of kitchen remodeling, the prospect of which irritates me disproportionately.

I figure I'm in a bad mood because Dollhouse sucked.

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