friday random ten, 1966 edition
more scam health products institute rip-off

klee irwin piece of shit motherfucking rip-off scam artists

Don't have time to think up a better title. I got a box in the mail that I wasn't expecting. Opened it up, and the first thing I see is a flyer that thanks me and says there are free gifts inside. I look, and there's a bottle of "for men" vitamins and a DVD that teaches about nutrition or something. I wonder how they got my address, but figure what the heck, everyone knows that stuff, and I set it aside ... I know I'm not interested in taking crackpot vitamins, even if they are free.

Only then I notice there's an invoice ... my "risk free trial" costs money. To be exact, they claim I owe them $32.57, plus they have already deducted $8.65. I check my bank account, and sure enough, Klee Irwin Health Program has deducted that amount from my account. I call the customer service number on the invoice, and after a longish wait, I get "Dennis." I say they sent me something I didn't order, are asking for money, and have already taken some of my money. I want to know how they got my address and credit card number. He takes the order number, my last name, and my zip code, then tells me there is nothing in their records. Then he says "we're just the dual-action cleanse people" and claims that the vitamin people are at a different phone number, which he gives me. I ask him why his phone number was on the invoice ... he blabbed some lies, and I asked for his full name. He said he couldn't give out his last name. I said yeah, he can't give me his last name, but they can use my credit card number to take money from my checking account.

I'm in a hurry now, so I'll have to postpone further action until later. But Google is my friend, so I think I'll see what I can do to get potential scam victims to read this. If you are contacted by anyone connected to Klee Irwin, Dual-Action Cleanse, 12-in-One vitamins, Ultimate Nutraceuticals, or Cellular Research LLC, they are:

scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam

rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off

scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam

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scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam

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scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam

rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off rip-off



Don't wait too long to finish this -- we want to know what happened next.


Klee Irwin has changed every element on his face and head. What is with this pencil-thin mustache, fake contacts, hair implants, nose job, groomed eye brows? This guy looks like a comic book character. How can anybody this fake be trusted with your digestive tract? Yuck!

michael grossman

i purchased a duel action shit kit at the local walmart.jusy for shits and giggles,i checked on line reviews . nothing but bad,bad,bad. im on my way back to return this crap. looks like colonix is the best bet in my research.Ill keep you posted on this,what I call "mikeys best non crappy shit kit".by the way,klee irwin looks like Snidely Whiplash ,(Dudley Dooright weasel faced badguy). Overwhelming on line census....klee Irwin and company are inhuman constipation.


I've met Klee personally, this guy is a snake oil sales man . He's also running a freakin rap label using the money he's scamming people with. The


You're absolutely right about how fake this SOB Klee Irwin is!!!!!! I was stupid enough to order some natural libido max shit for me and my man just out of curiosity. The info-mercial said that the 1st 250 to call get it free, right? Fine. They charged me an arm and a leg on shipping. Next thing I know, they taken $46.90 from my bank account twice in one transactions WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION!!!!!!!!! I'm fighting them over this!!!! We need to let everyone know that these dipshits are scam artists and need to be put out-of-business!!!!!

Casmir Katsass Malaski

Klee knows his shit!


Right on! Klee Irwin's face looks like the pile of shit he claims we all have in our colon.

Jean Schmidbauer

I experienced pretty much the same thing as the first posting. Back in November, I received a small box in the mail that contained 4 bottles of vitamins. I thought it was odd because I didn't order any but do occasionally order from a reputable online pharmacy-type site. I put the vitamins in a cupboard and promptly forgot about them. I will be the first to admit that I do not pay close enough attention to my charge card bill - rarely open them (yep, I know...huge mistake), and just have an automatic payment taken out of my checking account. an effort to correct bad habits, I have been paying closer attention and yesterday noticed a charge for $129 for Klee Irwin and yesterday when I got home, there was a box with four bottles of vitamins for $129. I called today to tell them to cancel my order, that I never placed this order, and I want the charge removed and to return the vitamins.

I was told that since I supposedly placed the order in November, I was well past my 30 day money back guarantee and the charge could not be reversed. What a rip off! I asked for the email address associated with placing the order. The rep said there wasn't one. I asked if it the order was placed online and he said 'yes'...and I then proceeded to call him a liar because there is NO online site that will take an order without have an email address supplied. He then claimed to have found the address but needed mine first, to verify. I said that since I already know he's a liar, I would not give it to him and could easily understand why there are so many fraud reports on this company. I'm now going to call my credit card company to report this and see if there is anything they can do.

Benita Smiley

Wow- reading this scares me. My father just passed away and I was going through his credit card statement. There is a charge from Klee Irwin in excess of $150 for a shipment and then some monthly charge for green tea pills, etc. The order was delivered right before he died. My father would have never ordered this stuff. I immediately called and cancelled the monthly subscription and then shipped back the pills. It has now been 45 days and no credit to the credit card. I spent the entire afternoon trying to get my refund- sat on hold for 10+ minutes and finally left a message for the "refunds" department.Since my father's death I have been wondering how/why/if my father would have orderd this. Sounds like it is a scam and they just mail the pills without an order being placed.

True Lies

Takes a shit to know a shit!


They billed my credit card and sent me some dual action cleaner. They sent it from CA to CT in a package with a tracking number so this is federal mail fraud. I'm going to be filing some complaints - please do the same if you can.


I got a charge on my debit card for 59.90 from this company, but haven't received box yet. I never ordered this crap, never heard of this crap, and would never use it. I wonder how they got my personal info. I haven't ordered anything on the internet in a while. When I do get this crap, I'm filing a complaint with the BBB in that state.


This happened to me... 59.90 out of nowhere. I suggest ignoring them, calling it a fraudulent charge to your CC company which will mark them as a bad distributor & other banks will begin to deter them because it costs your CC company money to do paperwork, cancel the charge, and cancel and get their money from the other company. Then keep or resell the product and make a few bucks for them wasting your time. That's what I'm doing. That way I get my money back and make a few bucks for them being scammers or whatever is happening. Perhaps they just have a shady sales distributor, either way...


You are all idiots!!!!!! You have 6 MONTHS to call your credit card company and have all charges reversed!!!! They only get away with it if you don't know your rights. Do IT!!!!!


You might be interested to know that these products have a tremendous amount of cascara in them which turns off digestion when discontinued. They know this and have hired a large legal team that's waiting for eventual law suits. Also, they were just made to pay 2.5 million for KNOWINGLY selling products with 10 times allowed lead content.


Umm this is my dad...

Steven Rubio

My sympathies.


Well thanks for letting me kno. I just bought a product in a vitamin shop so im going to return them. Thank God I didnt use em yet.

Klee Irwin Fan Club Pres.

I want to thank Klee Irwin for his fabulous Dual Action Cleanse product. I had a bowel movement the size of an ICBM missile in my colon that I could not move for weeks and weeks. I had to be carted around in a wheelchair because I could not walk. Out of desperation, I tried Dual Action Cleanse and within hours, I blasted out a piece of excrement so large that I am told it was picked up on radar as a UFO. My BM lasted several hours as it slowly crept out of my bung hole, but it was well worth the wait. The hardened log was so large and thick that I had to cut it up into sections in order for it to be flushed. Even then it still clogged the turlet about 4 times. Before I did that though, I took a picture of my gargantuan fecal matter so I could send it to Klee. He sent me a personal thank you note and told me he had my mammoth blast of excrement framed and is proudly displayed in his office. I am told my story will be featured in an upcoming infomercial. Thanks to Klee, I could walk normally again. Klee is like the Einstein of human dung and feces, and we should honor him as a pioneer in his field.

Klee Irwin Fan Club Pres.

I think you are just jealous of Klee and mad that you can't have nice bowel movements.

Klee Irwin Fan Club Pres.

Yes, he does. That is why he is a genius.

Klee Irwin Fan Club Pres.

Dave it hurts me to hear you say that, especially after that wonderful weekend we spent together in the Elite Men's Bath House and Sauna Club.

Klee Irwin Fan Club Pres.

I am as God made me SpackleorPaste. Your face looks like it was spackled with road grime and leeches.

Klee Irwin Fan Club Pres.

Your dad is a wonderful representative of the human race. I could sit and listen to him for hours talk about bowel movements, excrement and feces.

Klee Mee

Well shit. I think they quit making infomercials. Hence the crappy attitudes in 2021. I wonder if cleanse would cure Covid??

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