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friday random ten, 1966 edition

1. Percy Sledge, "When a Man Loves a Woman." He really didn't need to make any more records after this one ... it was that great.

2. Buffy Sainte-Marie, "Little Wheel Spin and Spin." Buffy Sainte-Marie was an acquired taste, but she was far more experimental than most of her fellow female folkies.

3. Alan Price, "I Put a Spell on You." I really loved this version ... as many great versions as there are (plenty), I may like this one the best. The organ is gorgeous.

4. Aaron Neville, "Tell It Like It Is." The reason Aaron Neville was put on this earth.

5. Question Mark and the Mysterians, "96 Tears." We've reached a period where my childhood memories really start interfering with my ability to say anything profound. In the second half of the 1960s, this song was probably played by every band and every junior high and high school dance I attended. It never got old.

6. The Lovin' Spoonful, "Bald-Headed Lena." YouTube strikes again. One of my favorite Spoonful recordings (I feel like I say that a lot), I figured it was too obscure for a video. But I was wrong ... they sang it on Ed Sullivan!

7. The Swingin' Medallions, "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)." A couplet that never gets old: "A potion that I had too much of / It was a double shot of my baby's love."

8. Billy Stewart, "Summertime." Check out the video ... whoever posted it went with the long version, and added some visuals to the beginning, but when the song finally kicks in, Billy's in a ten-gallon hat ... I have no idea why. It's as surreal as his vocals, but completely unrelated to his performance.

9. The Who, "A Quick One While He's Away." I love Keith Moon. Really, really a lot.

10. Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone." The national anthem of white baby-boomers. Shuffle play turned up the "Judas" version, but the video is, I believe, from Eat the Document. Wherever it is from, it is astonishing, and not just because Garth Hudson is beardless. Dylan is beyond belief here.


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