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friday random ten, 1964 edition

1. The Beatles, "I'm a Loser." This is Beatlemania: the four moptops at the height of their popularity, girls screaming, boys rocking, and John singing about how he's a loser.

2. The Temptations, "The Way You Do the Things You Do." You could have been anything that you wanted to.

3. Buffy Sainte-Marie, "Cod'ine." She wasn't perfect, but she'd try anything, even Sesame Street. Not many people could turn an ode to cough syrup into something so enticingly scary, certainly not many folkies.

4. The Four Tops, "Baby I Need Your Lovin'." Their first Motown single.

5. Martha & the Vandellas, "Dancing in the Street." If Levi Stubbs and Martha Reeves appeared on American Idol, who'd win?

6. Mose Allison, "New Parchman." Idiosyncratic Allison takes a dirty prison blues and turns it into something jazzy and even fun. The video link shows what happened to Mose's take ... Blue Cheer was a San Francisco band named after LSD, which elicits visions of After Bathing at Baxter's, but their music was prototypical metal sludge, played at an excruciatingly high volume. Grand Funk Railroad could have been playing simultaneously with Blue Cheer and you wouldn't hear a single one of their notes. The video is from 2008, and shows that Blue Cheer still plays really loud and really sludgy. Sleater-Kinney's last album would have sounded a lot different if they hadn't had Blue Cheer as an inspiration.

7. The Shangri-Las, "Leader of the Pack." The video features evil fucker from hell Steve Allen.

8. Bessie Banks, "Go Now." This song was a hit for the Moody Blues before they discovered the cosmic plane, but before they did it, the little-known Bessie Banks recorded it ... it was, in fact, written for her.

9. The Sonics, "The Witch." There are a LOT of videos of this song on YouTube ... people making their own videos with "The Witch" as a soundtrack, along with plenty of videos of more recent vintage Sonics playing their greatest song. The link I chose includes "Louie Louie" as well, and it's not the best version of that timeless classic, but fast-forward about halfway through and you'll get to hear the truly amazing "The Witch." They still play they hell out of it.

10. Bob Dylan, "I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)." Video from the rarely-shown Eat the Document:


Gabby Hyman

I live for your Friday pics! I had several of these on .45 rpms, too. Saw Blue Cheer at a festival two years ago and they still believe in melting your earwax.

Here's a backatcha, though, on the Leader of the Pack. I actually bought this parody in high school:



evil fucker from hell Steve Allen

This made me laugh a little, though I don't fully get where it's coming from. I know Allen is said to have humiliated Elvis on TV -- making him sing to a "Hound Dog" -- but is there more?


Here's an assignment I gave my class this past summer:


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