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house rides again

back by popular demand: house update pix

OK, OK, here ya go. First, a picture of the entryway into the attic room:

attic entryway

As you can see, there is an actual door, now. Next, a look at what they're calling the "master bathroom" ... this is Robin's pride and joy, folks, and it's getting closer, as you'll see here:

tiling mud

That's the tub on the left, the walk-in shower beyond that. Of course, to do the bathroom floor, they've had to remove all of the old plumbing. We have a new toilet, but it's not in yet, and they haven't really got a place to put the old one. Meanwhile, the bedroom was emptied so it could be sheet-rocked. Which means it can now be used for storage:

bedroom after sheet rock

Yes, that's our bedroom, and no, the toilet isn't hooked up. Because of this, we are now sleeping in the basement, and it's not as bad as it sounds. Here's one view, with Starbuck looking particularly interesting:

basement bedroom

Yes, Robin can knit anywhere, and yes, the cats love her more than they love me. Her fabulous LCD HDTV is down there to keep her company ... it may be smaller than my computer monitor, but as you can see in the above picture, she doesn't actually look at the screen:

basement bedroom 2

The bookshelf is kinda interesting, too ... the worker guys must have thought we needed something to keep us company during our stay in the basement, so they put a bookshelf in the bedroom and threw whatever old books they could find on it. So there are baseball annuals from 1999, and books from grad school, and some of Robin's mother's notebooks ... a little of everything. In a timely fashion, they even put my old copy of Watchmen on there.