what i watched last week

another fifteen minutes?

For almost 30 years, I've thought that I was once in a David Johansen video. That video has been unavailable for a long time ... I even contact the director once, and he said yeah, maybe he had it in a box in his garage or something like that. Well, someone has posted it to YouTube:

My memory is that David slapped my hand ... and at the end of the song, he does indeed give a bunch of high-fives (the end comes a couple of minutes before the YouTube video stops ... someone seems to have pulled this off a VHS copy of an MTV airing). At around the 2:45 mark, I think maybe I see me ... except, of course, I might not even be there, I might be wrong about where/when the video was filmed. Anyway, this is from that place in the video:

johansen video

Guess I'll never know for sure. That might be Robin behind "me" and over "my" right shoulder.