all along the watchtower (galactica spoilers)
take 20

a more positive follow-up on the vitamin caper

I spoke to a different customer service rep today, and she actually seemed like a human being. She took my information, canceled all subsequent deliveries of the product, and removed all balance due. She said the word "fraud," but only to warn me that I might be a victim of same ... she agreed with me that there was no reason why they would have my address and credit card number, but said that nonetheless, someone ordered this product in my name on February 1, so I'd want to follow up on that. I don't understand why someone would defraud me by sending vitamins to my house, but at least she sounded honest. She didn't offer to send me the $8.65 they'd already extracted from me, but she did say to contact my bank and tell them I was a fraud victim and the bank would take care of that. She was far too willing to talk fraud ... it makes me think she was honest. I am not ready to remove my Google-bomb posts, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until I see if I get more deliveries or charges from the company.