here come the sunday shows
the l word is back

what i watched last week

The Exorcist. This was "The Version You've Never Seen," no less, which wasn't an improvement, especially with its tacked-on ending that was extremely stupid. I've never been a big fan of this movie, but I will admit it looked better than I remembered, perhaps because the annoying Catholic stuff seemed more horror-movie than dogma. I'm not sure why I'm kinder to this commercial for the Catholic Church than I am to Top Gun, a commercial for the Navy that I detest, but I am. #193 on the TSPDT list of the 1000 Greatest Films. 7/10.

Becket. Lotsa blah blah blah between two actors, Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole, who can blah blah with the best of them. Burton is more subdued than O'Toole here, and the contrast makes for a more interesting movie than it would be if they both chewed the scenery. It's still no classic. 7/10.