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friday random ten, 1961 edition

lost season premiere

As with Big Love and The L Word, so with Lost: "It looks like more of the same, which is good news if you like the show, and if you don't like it, you aren't watching it anyway." It's not exactly more of the same ... the time-travel stuff is kinda new ... but the basic notion, that you confuse viewers until they're rabid with desire to be confused some more, is as it always was. It looks like this will be a good season, and the only reason I personally don't put Lost at the top of my list is that I think it's mostly insubstantial. When an episode is over, viewers spend the week rewatching, looking for clues, trying to figure it out, and that's a lot of fun, as is the show itself. But that's all there is ... Lost has nothing to do with anything but Lost. Something like Battlestar Galactica has puzzles to be considered and narrative to advance, but if you try to decide what it is about, well, it's about religion and politics and personal honor and the meaning of being human and all sorts of other stuff. Lost is about Lost. Pretty good show, though.