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what i watched last week

here come the sunday shows

Lots of Sunday shows, so many that I can't actually watch them all on Sundays (a situation not helped by the fact that Robin watches three other Sunday shows that I don't watch, so the DVRs get a workout). A quickie note on a couple of them ...

Big Love is back, and it looks like more of the same, which is good news if you like the show, and if you don't like it, you aren't watching it anyway. I've always found it a notch below the best shows ... always watchable, rarely more than that.

United States of Tara features Toni Collette as a woman with "dissociative identity disorder," what we used to call multiple personalities ... four, in this case, the titular Tara and three alternate personas. As one character points out, Tara doesn't act like those other people, she IS those other people. The concept has the potential to be a bit too precious, and your enjoyment of the show might depend on your enjoyment of the work of Diablo Cody, who developed the show. Even the critics who have liked what they've seen have pointed out it takes a few episodes to get rolling. We've now seen two episodes, and we'll be back for more ... Collette is terrific, and there is potential for a lot more than just precious.

The L Word is back for its final season, but we didn't get around to watching that one yet, so more later.