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sons of anarchy season finale

Been a few days since this one aired, but since I've been a bit behind on blogging, I haven't gotten around to writing about it. Sadly, this is also another case where I don't have nearly enough to say.

Sons of Anarchy didn't sound all that interesting to me in the first place, so the fact I stuck with it is a good sign. Robin likes it more than I do, I think, although it's nowhere near her pantheon (also known as the place where Dexter lives). After a full season, I have a better idea what the show is up to, and it is indeed more interesting than expected. Having said that, it's not really all that. My FX scale goes something like this:

Great: The Shield

Pretty Good: Damages

Worth Watching: The Riches (R.I.P.)

Great One Scene, Awful the Next: Rescue Me

Sons of Anarchy might make it somewhere between The Riches and Damages. It ain't there yet ... if someone told me I could have The Riches back if I gave up Sons of Anarchy, the bikers would be gone in a second. I'm trying to think if there's a single character on Sons where I think "oh boy, this is gonna be good." I'm probably forgetting someone (which speaks volumes), but I don't know of any such characters. Meanwhile, there are characters I don't like seeing on my screen at all. Since the biker milieu, as presented on the show, isn't exactly blowing me away, I'm left with a decent show that I can watch with my wife. Grade for Season One: B.


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