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just a toilet

This didn't take long. Here's the upstairs bathroom as it now looks. This is taken from the old computer room ... the wall between that room and the bathroom is now gone:

only a toilet

And here is the same bathroom, taken from the bedroom side ... you can see the old tub better in this one (and a couple of cats make an appearance):

only a toilet part 2



Ok, so to me, that looks like a new toilet but in the same place as the old one. Is that right?


Nope, that's the old toilet in the same place. The new one will be situated a bit differently.

Patrick Ellis

This is an embarrassing thing to post, but I'd hate for you (and anyone else replacing a toilet who reads this) to miss the opportunity: If you haven't gotten the new toilet yet, get a Toto. It'll cost a bit more than the standard brands, but Toto's just work one hell of a lot better. I'll spare everyone the details, but Steven or Robin feel free to contact me offline if you want more detailed information about why we became fans of a Japanese toilet brand. It has nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz.


We already have the toilet ... I don't think it's a Toto, because a week or so ago, our guys needed to look up info on Totos for another job, and Robin didn't say anything like "hey, that's what we got." Anyway, it's in a box somewhere in the living room, I think.

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