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friday random ten, 2005 edition

it's my life and i won't do what i want

The absence of interesting posts of late is only partly a result of that occasional blog blah that affects even the most diligent bloggers. It's also due to the basis of this blog in my personal experiences. Whether I'm talking about movies or TV or music or whatever, I'm talking about me.

And "me" right now is someone who lives in a house that has been torn apart. There's really nothing to do except post photos of the process. I suppose it's an advertisement for psych meds ... I haven't gone totally bonkers, which would have happened long ago in the pre-meds era. But I rarely watch movies because it's too noisy around here, and I'm even more of a hermit than usual because, although the guys working on our house are terrific, I just get depressed if I go downstairs and see the wreckage. So I don't go downstairs. I play on the computer, which focuses my vision on the monitor, and that's a world I'm quite comfortable with. (Yes, I know I could go outside ... whatever.)

But I'm not going to sugar-coat this. The end result will be delightful, and Robin deserves every bit of pleasure it will eventually provide. But right now, plain and simple, life in this house sux. So I'm not posting much of interest.


Antoinette Chevalier

You have my sympathies, Steve. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been 1 year and 3 mos without a kitchen (and counting!). It truly changes your life and how you relate to your world to live under such madness for an extended period of time .. . . can't have friends over, or even get a cup of tea without having to fight through something; we have literally forgotten how to cook real meals, how to do effective grocery shopping, and so forth. I say the same thing about husband Randy that you mentioned about Robin: I sincerely hope that he (and we!) get some joy outta this when it's all done; but for now, it's a just a big negative cloud over our little Berkeley lives, and that sux. Hang in there!


I appreciate your comments. Part of me feels a little "oh, poor Hawaii" about this ... really, it's hard to complain when we're doing OK enough in a recession to have some work done on the house. And it's reassuring to know that our team of workers is so efficient ... however bad all of this is, it's being done in a timely fashion and the finished product is good (OK, they're not finished yet, but they did a great job on our kitchen and there's no reason this will be different). It's funny, in that some of the things you mention are not that different now than before, at least for me ... we hardly ever cook anyway, my shopping has always been erratic, aren't ones to have big parties or anything. Mostly it's just the lame whining of a solipsist who isn't able to do the same old crap he's used to doing. I'll survive. Just once in awhile, I like to remind myself and others that it kinda sux.

But then Robin comes home from work, and she looks around at the work being done ... and she has a real stake in this, she is the one who planned it out, all the way down to drawing everything out in scale on graph paper ... and she is increasingly happy. Me, I just marvel that she can pull this off. I don't understand how a professional can do it ... when she sits around drawing on paper and comes up with relatively airtight plans for a remodel, and her plans work, I'm astounded. And she deflects praise, saying she's been sewing her whole life, and planning a remodel is no different than making a wedding dress. In any event, it makes me happy to see her happy. And let's face it, she knows her husband ... just before the main work started, she bought us a big screen TV and a Blu-ray player. Yes, I can be bought :-).


i think you always think life at your house sux, guess its the same :}


I think you've done very well to restrain yourself from whining for this long. Disturbance to my domestic space drives me batshit.

How are your cats managing? Ours would be utterly freaked and traumatized by the noise and unfamiliar people and voices.


The cats are odd, but then, they're cats. Each is reacting in line with their personalities ... I never had pets that were so clearly differentiated. Starbuck looks for every opportunity to escape out an open door so she can hide outside. Boomer is mildly curious, friendly to the workers, and sleeps all day. Six, who was always the oddball, with among other things some version of cat ADD, turned kinda mean awhile back ... not to us, but to other people. So she gets territorial, hisses at the workers trying to get them to leave her house alone, but she's also excessively curious so she's always checking out what they are doing. The one thing they all do to varying extents is sleep in the attic ... normally, Boomer sleeps on our bed during the day, but she mostly comes upstairs now.


ok ok i second what steve said!

maybe you really ought to think about going outside...i know, whatever. do it anyways...

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