just a toilet
friday random ten, 2005 edition

it's my life and i won't do what i want

The absence of interesting posts of late is only partly a result of that occasional blog blah that affects even the most diligent bloggers. It's also due to the basis of this blog in my personal experiences. Whether I'm talking about movies or TV or music or whatever, I'm talking about me.

And "me" right now is someone who lives in a house that has been torn apart. There's really nothing to do except post photos of the process. I suppose it's an advertisement for psych meds ... I haven't gone totally bonkers, which would have happened long ago in the pre-meds era. But I rarely watch movies because it's too noisy around here, and I'm even more of a hermit than usual because, although the guys working on our house are terrific, I just get depressed if I go downstairs and see the wreckage. So I don't go downstairs. I play on the computer, which focuses my vision on the monitor, and that's a world I'm quite comfortable with. (Yes, I know I could go outside ... whatever.)

But I'm not going to sugar-coat this. The end result will be delightful, and Robin deserves every bit of pleasure it will eventually provide. But right now, plain and simple, life in this house sux. So I'm not posting much of interest.