smith-rubio family xmas update, 7th annual edition
all along the watchtower? you betcha

a rubio xmas

Today the Rubio siblings and their families had our xmas dinner/party/get together. While it was the usual entertaining affair, a couple of things brought the festivities into the modern day. First, sister Chris and wife Karen, who live in Oregon, are snowed in and couldn't make it down. No problem ... they loaded Skype, we loaded Skype, we ran the computer video through the living room TV at my brother Geoff's house where the party was going on, and we were able to spend parts of the day watching each other eat and chat. After dinner and dessert, out came Rock Star. For the next several hours, various members of the family got their inner rocker on. This resulted in several hours of fun, until someone made the mistake of playing a Journey song. After it was over, the game was shut down, and every one went home, a lesson in the dangers of letting Journey into your life.



it was a great party!

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