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what i watched last week

Standard Operating Procedure. Another Errol Morris documentary that fascinates even as it raises questions not necessarily intended by the filmmaker. Morris has a great subject: the people who took or appeared in the pictures taken by soldiers at Abu Ghraib. He lets the participants, at least those he managed to get in front of the camera, tell their own stories. (None of his interviewees are Iraqi, which doesn't mean Morris didn't try to hunt them down.) What he doesn't do is let the photos tell their own stories, because one of his themes here is that photos don't tell the whole story. He's trying to figure out what was going through the participant's minds during the events that were photographed, so he asks the people who were there. It's a simple approach that can be quite effective, and for the most part here, it is. But Morris can't leave well enough alone, so there are arty recreations of events that are unnecessary. 7/10.

The Sixth Sense. Our Thanksgiving movie this year. It was my second time, which seems to be mandatory for this film. I don't remember what I thought back in the day, except that I liked it OK. Since then, I've seen more M. Night Shyamalan movies than is good for me (just one is more than enough). Sixth Sense is my favorite of the ones I've seen, but it's not much, and while the second viewing allows you to see how the trick was done, there's not really anything else in the movie worth your time. The trick is ultimately the only interesting thing about the film, which means everyone will watch it twice, but I can't imagine anyone watching it a third time. 6/10.

The Departed. Looked fine in Blu-ray. I wrote about it here. 8/10.

White Christmas. Not sure this counts as "watched." Robin watched it, I was in the room, once in awhile I looked at the screen. Usually I'd have to turn my head whenever Vera Ellen showed up ... did they call it anorexia then? I prefer Holiday Inn. 6/10.