praise the lord
fucking dickheads, john mccain edition

remodeling stops for no one

They are beginning to tear things up to make room for the spiral staircase from the sewing room into the basement. The door with the shoes on it is the one going into the kitchen ... the wood on the left of the picture is the staircase to the attic:

spiral hole

And our bedroom gets smaller every day ... this photo doesn't really show that, but you can see where the two doors will be. The door to the right with the yellow is the same door that used to go from bedroom to living room, only it has been moved closer to the front door to the house (it used to be on the other side of that wall being created on the left side of this photo). The all-white door to the left is a sliding door that goes into the slots which are currently unfilled on the far left. On the other side of that door is the walk-in closet ... that space used to be part of the bedroom. The bathroom is over on the left, past where the photo ends. (I say all of this for people who tell me they can't always tell where these pictures are, relative to the old way.)

bedroom doors