after a week of bedroom remodeling
mad men (no spoilers)

what i watched last week

Bringing Up Baby. We got this for a friend for her birthday. She's 10. She likes classic cinema. We then had her over and watched it with her. She seemed delighted, which is no surprise ... it's a delightful movie. She loves Howard Hawks. I do to. 10/10.

The Untouchables. As much a grand series of set pieces as it is a movie, this adds Sean Connery at his best to the usual Brian De Palma bag o' tricks. This is the first movie we watching in the full home theater environment: big screen, blu-ray, 1080p. It's pretty damn good ... I found myself thinking things like "look at those bricks in the background." 8/10.

Casino Royale. The Daniel Craig version. The ball-busting scene is just as excruciating the second time around. Movie looks great on Blu-ray ... Eva Green ... well, who am I kidding, Eva Green always looks great. 8/10.

The Adventures of Robin Hood. A perfect movie. 10/10.