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51 years and counting

it's getting dusty around here

It's time to face facts: it's really dusty around here these days. Those of you who I ask to come over and watch the big screen, you might consider that and then say "thanks, but I have to sort my sock drawer."

A lot of this stuff looks the same anymore, but as more gets torn up, I try to give you some perspective ... although I know it makes more sense if you've seen what it looked like before.

This is me standing in the old computer room/new sewing room, looking towards the bathroom (to the right) and ... well, there used to be a closet to the left, but as you can see, the closet is gone, as is the wall that surrounded it. To the left and back, you can see through to what used to be the bedroom, and will eventually be a walk-in closet. The new bathroom will eventually extend all the way to that wall on the left, and as far in the direction of where I'm standing to that post over on the left.

towards the bedroom

This is taken from the other side ... from the bedroom, that is, looking back towards where the above picture was taken. Now the bathroom is on the left, of course. The wall has had some work done, as you can see. To the right is the part of the wall that used to separate the bedroom from the stairs to the basement, which will soon be gone forever.

bedroom-bathroom wall