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I don't think this contains any spoilers ... it's been known since she joined the show that Amy Ryan was visiting The Office for a limited time. But, now that her final (?) episode has aired, I already miss her. How good is she? She turns up on a show that is working just fine without her, is in fact a highlight of the viewing week. It's a comedy, and I'm sure Amy Ryan has done comedy before, but I know her for The Wire and Gone Baby Gone, neither of which give any particular clues as to how she'd work in a comic setting. But I swear, she has been absolutely perfect. And there's something about her skills, her willingness to throw herself into goofiness, and, I suspect, the fact that she is a woman ... sometimes she's emulating Michael, and it's one of those things where when he does it it's irritating, but Amy Ryan does it and you want to pinch her cheeks with joy.