fucking dickheads, ignorant moron division
no name-calling for once

what i watched last week

African-American Directors Series: Talk to Me (Kasi Lemmons, 2007). Don Cheadle is typically great, and much of the retro ambiance is on target. But I'm too OCD for this stuff ... every time a song is played anachronistically, I stop in my tracks, lose the suspension of disbelief, and start obsessing about how the DJ wouldn't have played that song then because it wasn't out yet. Not to mention that James Brown's "MLK concert" was in Boston, not D.C., or that he wasn't called the Godfather of Soul when the term is used in the movie. Yeah, it's awful watching this stuff with me.

The Bank Job (Roger Donaldson, 2008). Jason Statham is a decent action star, although this is more a heist film than an action pic. There was a time when it seemed like all I ever watched was action movies ... the glory years of Road Warrior and Terminator ... I don't have as much patience with them as I once did, but that's me talking, not the movies.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Marc Rothemund, 2005). An interesting drama about a real-life German heroine who defied the Nazis during WWII. The movie is at its best during a long sequence involving the interrogation of Scholl by a detective who is more functionary than ideologue. Julia Jentsch is excellent in the title role.


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