1968: september 22
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no pix, but a cat story nonetheless

Actually, I could probably dig up a picture I've already posted, but I won't bother. This is a story about Six, which figures, since she's the one of our cats who is the star of almost every story we tell. She has this thing she does ... it's not unheard of, but it's pretty rare, I think, and it seems odd to us, since we've never had a cat who did this ... she brings us presents. You'll hear this ominous, guttural growl from another room, and soon enough, Six comes walking into the room with something in her mouth, as if she'd caught a mouse and was showing it off. Only it's never a mouse. Usually it's a sock ... sometimes it's a ball of yarn ... once or twice she brought underwear. But usually it's a sock, and she does this often enough that over time, Robin has just "given" her half-knitted socks to play with. If we leave the house for awhile, when we come back, we'll find a sock or two on the kitchen floor ... if we're reading in bed, she might show up and drop one on the covers ... and when I'm home alone, she'll bring me a present once or twice a day. This hasn't stopped with my move upstairs ... now, it takes her a bit longer to get to me, but she still growls her way up the stairs to the attic, where she drops a sock or whatever at my feet and waits for me to pet her with gratitude.

Funny thing is, I always thank her and make a big deal of picking up the sock as if it was indeed a treasure ... dogs might go for that stuff, but I doubt cats do, so I feel pretty stupid, but I do it, anyway ... if she goes to the trouble of bringing me a present, I should be thankful.

Well, today I noticed something even weirder than usual. She brings me socks, I thank her, and then I put them on top of the computer, just to get them out of the way. Our setup now has one of those saddle-like things on the side of the desk that holds the computer just off of the ground. Today I thought that I should gather up the sox that had piled up on the computer, maybe take them downstairs so she could start over.

And that's when I realized, the pile never gets bigger. In fact, when I went to grab the socks, there were none to grab.

Apparently, when I'm not paying attention, she comes up here, gets the socks off of the computer, and takes them somewhere else, so that she can bring them to me again another day.

I think this is kinda odd.