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it's a great day for america

I could join the thousands of other bloggers who are posting clips from last night's David Letterman show, where guest John McCain canceled because he had to catch a plane to return to Washington because of the financial crisis, and was then caught redhanded by Dave's crew doing an interview with Katie Couric at the same time he supposedly couldn't be on Dave's show. But if you didn't watch, you can hunt those clips down pretty easily ... my favorite part is when Couric starts asking McCain a question and Dave yells at the monitor, "Hey, John, I got a question – do you need a ride to the airport?" (Alan Sepinwall posted a partial transcript of the episode, which isn't quite as good as seeing/hearing Dave, but useful if you can't watch videos at work).

Craig Ferguson isn't as famous as Dave, and he has a worse time slot than Dave, but ... well, my man crush on Ferguson has been obvious here for some time. So here's a video that, far as I can tell, isn't quite as ubiquitous (although TVtattle is on it) ... Craig Ferguson's monologue from last night, during which he discusses McCain's diss of Craig's boss and, fine new American citizen that he is, rips McCain for trying to suspend democracy ... hey, if you're familiar with Ferguson's monologues, you know that he often gets from point A to point B in a rather roundabout, unscripted fashion, so just watch it and you'll see (best tangent: when he talks about falling so low that even the pants-pissing hobos feel sorry for him).