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In a couple of hours, Barack Obama will give an historic speech, and I, for one, can't wait to see it. I have a friend visiting from New Mexico, and I told her I'd have to put off our visit until after the speech ... I'm not sure how you can't watch this one, and I don't mean by using the DVR. It's gotta be live.

I am not a Democrat. Whenever I took one of those polls that matched my views with the candidates and then told which candidate most closely shared my opinions, I would be matched up to Dennis Kucinich. I imagine if Kucinich represented mainstream Democratic Party thinking, I'd consider joining the party. He is not a centrist, he is of the left. For a variety of reasons, Dennis Kucinich would never be elected president. But I'll say one thing for the Democrats: there is still room in their party for people like him.

Barack Obama will, I am guessing, give a great speech tonight. He'll have 75,000 people in the crowd, and the whole world will be watching. He's up to the challenge. I do not expect Obama to say the kinds of things that Kucinich said in his own convention speech. I wouldn't be surprised if the Obama camp prefers that Kucinich mostly keeps quiet. But it was invigorating to hear at least one person say things I actually believed. Obama will hopefully lift our hearts and offer hope. He will, perhaps necessarily, be vague. I predict he will give a speech for the ages. But let's let Kucinich have his moment, as well:


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