1968: august 28
mad canon

1968: august 28, part two

Ten thousand protesters attended a rally in Grant Park. Police rioted. Later, several thousand gathered in front of the hotel where Hubert Humphrey had his headquarters. Police rioted. Humphrey, who won his party's nomination and lost to Nixon, was famously identified by Hunter S. Thompson as "a gutless old ward-heeler who should be stuffed in a bottle and shipped out on the Japanese current." Humphrey was the old guard ... strong on labor issues and civil rights, anti-Communist, and, as Vice President, identified with Johnson's war in Vietnam. Some say that as the tear gas from the police riots wafted upwards, they reached the windows of the Vice President. It's an image that may be apocryphal, but which sums up how many felt about Humphrey in those days: keeping his mouth shut while people were beaten.

Inside the convention, the various candidates had their moments in the sun. George McGovern, who would represent the party in four years, had his name put into nomination by Abraham Ribicoff, who said that McGovern would be a great president in part because if he were in charge, "we would not have to have such Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago." There is some controversy about what Mayor Daley said in response ... he clearly shouts at Ribicoff more than once, and some believe what he said was "Fuck you, you Jew son of a bitch, you lousy mother-fucker, go home.!" (Daley claimed he called Ribicoff a "faker".) "How hard it is to accept the truth," Ribicoff replied.


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