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weeds (spoilers)

Spoilers because I don't know anyone but me who is watching in real time ... most people either ignore the show or are watching last season on DVDs.

I had intended to write something about the season premiere of Mad Men, but there's been enough written about that show to last awhile. As for Weeds, I have nothing more than the kind of lists I seem to be posting lately in place of actual analysis. This week's episode saw:

  • Nancy Botwin (the MILF pot dealer played by Mary-Louise Parker) getting spanked by the mayor of Tijuana.
  • Silas Botwin, Nancy's 17-year-old son, having sex with a woman his mom's age.
  • Isabelle Hodes, somewhere around 14 years old I think, discovering that her friend Shane Botwin, Nancy's son, has photos of his mom in the nude that were taken by her late husband. Isabelle is gay, and the next time she sees Mrs. Botwin, she seems quite appreciative.
  • Shane Botwin, using those nude photos of his mom as masturbation aids.

Of course, there was also the usual stuff about drug dealing. And a subplot about smuggling "illegal" aliens into the country. Not to mention the euthanasia plot from earlier in the season, where they pulled the plug on Nancy's ancient grandmother-in-law ... when the woman kept breathing, Nancy told her son to get a pillow, and that was the last anyone heard from Grandma.

There is more to Weeds than just envelope pushing, but it's pretty clear that, four seasons in, they haven't run out of envelopes.

Here's an envelope from Season Two. Shane Botwin speaks at his elementary school graduation. Shane is played by the kid who did the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo.