friday random ten, 1984 edition
coupla pix from yesterday

dale miller

Dale Miller is a fingerstyle guitarist who since 2000 sits behind me at Giants games. He had a CD release party tonight at Freight and Salvage for his new album Time Goes By, and Robin and I went. He has a self-effacing charm that perfectly matches his playing, while is quietly intricate and always melodic. When I say self-effacing, I mean it ... here is a man who, as the sign outside the club said, is legendary in his field, has been playing since the 60s with everyone from blues men to U. Utah Phillips, he plays everything from the Beatles to Robert Johnson to opera arias ... and for his CD release party, he played a few songs and then started inviting friends on stage to play with him. Fine friends they were, too, Allegra Broughton and Sam Page from Solid Air, along with ... well, as he told the story, a couple of decades ago he was playing the Freight and Salvage with a guy named Dennis White, White had a daughter born the next day, and that girl, now a woman of 18, is a fine violin player who joined the rest for some hot solos and, for lack of a better term, rhythm violin. To add to the home style atmosphere, for an encore, all of the above were joined by the violin player's mom, quite a singer herself. (I didn't get the names of either of these two ... my bad, their last name is White.)

Dale's confident enough of his fine-honed skills that he can share the stage, even when it's a party just for him. It was great to finally hear him in person, and a pleasure to experience the camaraderie of musicians who were also long-time friends.

Here's a video of him playing the title track from his latest album: