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a new record

I was going to post a few links from articles on Mad Men which are popping up everywhere ... some of them are right on target, IMO ("it is possibly the slowest, most deliberative show on television" ... "Christina Hendricks has single-handedly brought voluptuousness back to television"). But then I saw the Onion-esque piece at Dateline: Hollywood, "Mad Men becomes first TV show with more articles written about it than viewers," and knew they had said it all:

"Mad Men," which chronicles the lives of the workers at a Madison Avenue advertising agency in the early 1960s, set the record this weekend after a glut of stories in the arts sections of Sunday newspapers helped it reach a total of 1.15 million articles written about the show, over 1 million of which came in the past month alone. During it first season last summer, "Mad Men" averaged 1.1 million viewers per episode.

"We are extremely proud that the hard work of our publicity department convincing journalists around the country to write an unprecedented number of articles about a show that 99% of their readers have never seen," said AMC executive vice president and general manager Charlie Collier. "It's all part of our new strategy to blackmail the American people into watching 'Mad Men' just so they won't feel like an idiot when reading their favorite newspapers and magazines."

Collier added that AMC will use the record to launch a new marketing campaign for the show with the slogan, "You're already sick of reading about 'Mad Men.' Now get sick of watching it."