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1968: january 23

On this date 40 years ago, the USS Pueblo, a "spy ship," was captured by North Korea. The Pueblo was monitoring the Soviet presence in the area along with gathering information on N.Korea. The crew of the Pueblo maintained they were in international waters; the North Koreans claimed the Pueblo had entered their space. The crew was subsequently kept by the Koreans for eleven months before they were released, following a phony confession from Commander Lloyd Bucher of the Pueblo. During their eleven months in captivity, the prisoners were frequently tortured.

After their return to the United States, a court of inquiry recommended that Bucher face a court martial. This recommendation was turned down by the Secretary of the Navy.

A website for the USS Pueblo Veteran's Association includes detailed information, including accounts from crew members. Meanwhile, the Pueblo remains in North Korean hands. It is a popular tourist attraction.


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