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Today we drove down to Capitola with Jillian and Doug for brunch at Shadowbrook. Robin and I went there on our honeymoon, and we go back every year on our anniversary, but we'd never gone with anyone else before. This seemed like a good idea (and it was!), as we got to enjoy one of "our" places with friends, as a sort of house-warming (they just bought a house, which means they needed a day off). I think they liked it. Here are a few pix. First, they arrive:

Here's a picture of the outside eating area, which wasn't being used today (it was only a little over 50 degrees):

And here is Robin and I, pretending it's our anniversary:



And is that a new red in Robin's hair? Cute!!


Yes, it's her Xmas hair!

Katie of Germany

Isn't she too "mature" for Christmas hair?


Okay, Katie...this weekend I was asked whether I was too old for braces. I "resemble" that remark! Neither of us is too old for anything! Right, Robin?


If we can't have fun in our old age, what good is life? (And thank you, Tina for the support!!)

Katie of Germany

OK, but if I ever want Christmas hair, you have my permission to shave it:*)

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