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the writers' strike

It's pretty clear this has been a less than inspired week for the old blog. But then, it's been a pretty uninspiring week for the things about which I often write. Television? Most of the shows I watch are on strike-induced hiatus ... Dexter's pretty much all that's left at this point. Music? My once-a-week Random Tens satisfy most of my desire to write about that. Movies? I've said before that I'm never sure if I should bother to talk about the movies I watch, which tend to be ancient. Today I saw The Enemy Below, a 1950s WWII movie with Robert Mitchum as the captain of an American ship and Curt Jurgens as his counterpart on a German submarine. Does anyone really care what I thought? (The leads were fine, there was more character development than is usual in these things, it did a better job than most at avoiding cliches ... not entirely, but a decent job ... and I forgot about it ten minutes after it ended.) Sports? Baseball season is over, no one cares about soccer, the 49ers stink, Cal's football team flopped horribly, the Warriors and Cal men's basketball team are playing well and the Warriors are fun to watch, but basketball needs the playoffs to make them truly exciting. School? I'm currently teaching King Dork again, and it's a good book, but I'm sure I've talked about it before.

And the one thing I might have something to say about, the TV writers' strike ... well, I've thought about saying something, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows my opinion without my saying anything, and there's nothing I can offer that isn't being said far better by the writers themselves. I suppose I could post links ... there are some terrific videos, the serious ones are here: http://speechlesswithoutwriters.com/, and the funnier ones are everywhere ... here's one:


Anyway, I have nothing to add. If you're interested, you've already hunted down the same web sites that I have.

So I'll just go to bed.